Tighter Restrictions, Open Skies

10th February 2021

Although our lives are restricted by the pandemic we have seen the elements are not restricted. Although we shiver in the winter time the sky, the floods and the snow have shown us they respect no restrictions..the wind blows wherever it will. I find looking at these gives me a great sense of freedom and have been painting, taking photos and sketching in the country places within my area.

IMG 9012

Driving past flooded meadows I loved the way the trees stood gracefully with their ankles (do trees have ankles?) in the water, the colours of the bare twigs enhanced by the fluid landscape. The skies have been wonderful during this time; below is my latest painting, after a drive home when great pale snow clouds and peachy tints filled the sky, preceding a fairly heavy snowfall. I like the hedged road, almost symbolic of how we can move in a narrow restriction and forget to look up at the spacious sky above.

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February Afternoon

I did a lot of this from memory and a small sketch from a photograph taken another day.

So during this time, keep looking up and around and let your imagination free, it can be a time of personal expansion, the restrictions can actually serve us in the way a stake trains and restricts a tree to grow tall and straight, we can develop and form new perceptions.

As a disciple of Jesus, I find an inner freedom during this time that cannot be stopped; I can cross the world in prayer, peace can be spreading in my mind like a flood,my heart can be enlarged with his love to care for others, just as the elements can travel across boundaries, that love is far reaching, deep, wide and high and knows no limits and can fill every aching space. If you would like to know more, message me at .


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