Here you can see many of my paintings; those that are for sale can be found in the shop. I hope you enjoy looking through them. I can offer prints of some paintings, please use the contact form if you are interested, or would like to commission a painting.

Art from the heart

I hope you enjoy looking through my paintings. Please use the contact form if you would like to purchase a piece of my original artwork. The paintings for sale have the measurements included and if they are framed this includes the frame.

You can also request a print of a painting or commission a new painting.

I grew up in a home where my mother used old scraps of patchwork to make bedcovers and tablecloths, and where great aunts knitted and crocheted squares from coloured wool to send to those in need. Perhaps subconsciously this use of colour and pattern came back to me when I began to look at the landscapes around me and fell in love with the colours and shapes of the fields.

Acrylic on canvas 1m 2cms x 38cms mounted on black background or available in a white frame, or just as 3 canvases 30 x 30 cms

Request a print or commission a bespoke piece of art

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