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I was born in London but when I was three my parents moved to Surrey where I had a country upbringing. Here I learnt all about the wild flowers and trees giving me a lasting love of the countryside. As a family we often went for long walks in the Surrey Hills where I learnt to appreciate panoramic views.

As a child I won several painting competitions, using my powder paints, and then going on to oils, and although I would have loved to go to Art School, went to college in Brighton to be a teacher. During my training I was privileged as part of my art course there to study the work of Patrick Heron and interview him in his home in Cornwall, which fired up my growing love of colour.

Whilst teaching although I continued to be creative and loved teaching Art to primary classes, I didn’t have much time to pursue my own art, so began painting in 2013 when I left. Most of my paintings are based around my home in Northamptonshire, or from visits and holidays to other places. I love landscapes and especially the patchwork of colours and man-made marks that form the landscape. Just recently I have been using triptychs as a genre not only to convey the scale of the landscape but the smaller details that go to make it up. I use square canvases because they each have more of an enclosed feeling of warmth to capture the components, spreading out to make a rectangle and reveal the entire panorama. I like my work to have a warm, colourful and happy vibe, reflecting my love of the countryside.


Other paintings are just things I have seen and love, which is why I call my work “Art from the Heart”, including interiors and buildings.

I prefer to sketch on the scene with pencil, rather than use photographs and then make colour notes on the sketch. Back in the studio where I paint with acrylics, I use burnt sienna or yellow ochre to paint the sketch onto the canvas. I map in the colours and shapes roughly and then spend more time going over them. A lot of the colour work comes from memory and the feeling of the colours.

I like to walk among my landscapes and get to know how they connect, from different angles and lights/times of day, and often return to do another painting of the same scene.

More recently I have come to love some of David Hockney’s later work and Yorkshire paintings and several people have compared my work to his.

I have exhibited locally in mainly group exhibitions and am a member of Northamptonshire Open Studios. In the shop you can buy cards from several of my paintings and if you would like a print please contact me to discuss the details. I also take commissions. I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery. For news about my current artwork take a look at my blog.


I just love Rosie’s cards. The artwork is beautiful and the high quality cards arrive promptly and are well packaged. The blank cards are particularly useful as they suit many occasions.


Rosie’s cards are a real delight inspiring a sense of time and place. Loved by recipients. So adaptable to use and very good for a range of occasions. Also the online availability is great during C19.


Rosie’s Kitchen Blessing Cards are beautiful. I can always find one which suits any occasion. Friends that have received them love the wise biblical words and lovely bold artwork. A real blessing to many.


Gorgeous cards!

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